Lower Tadfield

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The mortal habitation of the infernal antichrist and his gang. A central location in Good Omens. It takes the form of an anachronistic English village of the sort that would be hailed the quintessential, pluperfect, Platonic, idea of the English village. The sort that no longer exists in British society, with a pub, a post office, a church and a village store and houses lived in all the year round by local people - no holiday homes or second homes for affluent Londoners. The nearest motorway is fifty miles away, and the Greater Tadfield Bypass that would have otherwise obliterated the village makes an inexplicable semi-circular detour to completely avoid the hamlet.

This is the sort of English village where American film crews, looking for a classically British rural location, would queue up for location time. Airfix famously designed their "village in models" on signature buildings from the most 100% English location they could find (Oakham, Rutlandshire). Had Airfix known about Tadfield, Oakham would have been an also-ran.

This place is loved and cherished. By one person especially.


Not a million miles and one initial consonant removed from the English village of Hadfield, the setting for Richmal Crompton's Just William comic stories about an eleven-year old boy and his loyal gang of three friends.

There is also a village called Hadfield just south-west of Ipswich in Suffolk, and jolly nice it is too.