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Magyrato, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name Magyrato
Race Vampire
Age old
Occupation Vampire
Physical appearance A bald head. Dark-rimmed, staring eyes. Two teeth like needles, two ears like batwings, fingernails that hadn't been trimmed for years.
Residence Überwald
Death ?
Relatives Vlad, other Magpyrs
Marital Status
Books Carpe Jugulum

Magyrato was an ancestor of the de Magpyr clan of vampyres who descend on Lancre during the events of Carpe Jugulum. His picture was shown to Agnes Nitt by his grandson Vlad as he escorted her round Lancre Castle, which they had taken over. Half of his portrait is just blank canvas, the explanation being that Magyrato got hungry.


Magyrato's description in the book (and his representation in the drawing here) goes right back to one of the earliest depictions of the vampire on screen: Nosferatu [1] in the classic German silent movie[2] of the 1920's. Just as vampires on the big screen and TV have evolved since - through the "classical" Christopher Lee presentation right through Gary Oldman's recreation of the character in the newest big screen version - the paintings in Castle Magpyr appear to show a similar sort of "evolution".