Mayor of Escrow

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The Mayor of Escrow
The Mayor of Escrow, as drawn by Matt Smith
Race Human
Occupation Mayor of Escrow
Physical appearance faintly bovine, due to bite.
Residence Escrow
Death nearly decapitated by a blow from a vampyre
Marital Status
Books Carpe Jugulum

The Mayor of Escrow was a man in an invidious position. The vampyres, under the Count de Magpyr have not just taken a few sucks of blood here and there, they have subsumed the will of the entire town, and can call in to drink blood at will. This grey-faced nightmare terrifies and enrages Agnes Nitt. However, the option is the complete destruction of the town and the death - or worse! - of all the townspeople.

When the vampyres experience serious difficulties (thanks to Granny Weatherwax), the mayor throws his chain around the Count's neck and begins to throttle him. However, although struggling, the Count has lost none of his superhuman strength and nearly breaks the mayor in half with a single blow.