Megrim's Accelerator

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A powerful spell used in Sourcery by Spelter. During his meeting with Marmaric Carding, Spelter had been tracing the runes of Megrim's Accelerator in the air under a table, and when the truce of Small Gods' Eve was over, he unleashed it upon Carding, leaving a trail of smoke behind it. Or, at least, it did until it rebounded against Brother Hushmaster's Potent Asp-Spray. The reaction between spells created a ball of green fire and filled the room with fine yellow crystals. The use of this spell surprised Carding, as Spelter was only a 5th level Wizard.

What the Accelerator actually does is unknown. Possibly, it causes its target to accelerate very rapidly, which eventually causes the target to die by means of collision, falling off a cliff, etc...