Men of the Sheds

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The Men of the Sheds are the workers in charge of the Royal Mint in Ankh-Morpork. They are so named because of their deep attachment to the many makeshift sheds which fill their place of work.

Until recently, the Men painstakingly hand-stamped out the coinage of Ankh-Morpork. The process took so long that they produced less per hour than their pay, often having to work overtime to pay themselves, and then having to make more coins to pay for the overtime in a process that Moist von Lipwig recognised as the road to madness, and not a very long road at that.

With the advent of paper money by Moist, the Men have seen their domain overrun with the presses and printers of Teemer and Spools, but they were somewhat mollified by Moist's promise that they could retain a modicum of control over entrance and exit into the Mint, and, of course, that they could keep the Sheds.

The leader of, and spokesman for, the Men is Mr Shady.