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Milo was a resident of one of the smaller Mothering Sunday Islands before The Wave. He, along with his brother Pilu and his very pregnant wife Cahle, alight on the Nation the day after Mau finishes sending the dead into the dark current. When Daphne successfully delivers Milo's son Guiding Star, Milo and his family become fast supporters of Daphne, squelching any rude or subtly malicious gossip.

A very, very large man, Milo could carry a godstone on his shoulder, when others could barely lift such stones. He spoke a bit of English, a remnant of the time when he had served on a ship of the empire. Milo is seen to be intelligent yet taciturn. He generally lets Pilu do the talking. However, when Milo speaks, people tend to listen because the words have been turned over carefully.

When the Raiders came, Mau's plan was for Milo to fight their chief - unless their chief was the evil bastard Cox, in which case Mau chose not to expose Milo's larger and slower body to Cox's guns.