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Name Mooncalf
Race Human
Occupation prophet of the god Anu-anu
Physical appearance
Death struck by lightning on the roof of the Temple of Small Gods
Marital Status
Books Discworld Noir

Mooncalf is the prophet of the god Anu-anu, found in the Temple of Small Gods. In fact he is one of the Followers of Anu-anu, a group which, with the help of the god Anu-anu, summon Nylonathatep through a series of murders throughout Ankh-Morpork. After the summoning, Mooncalf, seeing that the god is about to destroy everything, declares himself an atheist and climbs to the roof of the Temple of Small Gods, where lightning strikes him, making him fall to the central fountain of the temple.

On declaring his complete renouncement of all gods from the top of his own temple, he is immediately struck by a dozen lightning bolts. Simultaneously. Death then appears to take his soul.

Mooncalf: What were the odds that I'd get hit by lightning just as I renounced all gods?

Death: About one to one, I'd say .