Mrs. Goodbody

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Mrs. Goodbody is (or was originally) the proprietress of an unusual crafts shop at Number 8, Easy Street in Ankh-Morpork. She designs and produces a range of leather (and eelskin) goods cunningly weighted with lead shot or sand, as well as a style of very heavy, four-fingered rings and similar accessories for the law-enforcement community, the law-evasion community, and the man in the street who doesn't want to be found there in the morning.

Not as famous as the edged-weapons firm Burleigh & Stronginthearm, Mrs. Goodbody is their counterpart and equal in blunt instruments(1), the leader in mechanical anaesthesia technology. Commander Samuel Vimes regards her products highly, and recommends them (discreetly) to his more trusted Watchmen. He has used them himself on several occasions and values their silent effectiveness and their option of leaving the object alive for questioning.

It is not recorded whether Dotsie's handbag came from Mrs. Goodbody; possibly it was the inspiration instead. Neither have we met Mrs. Goodbody herself; we don't know if she remains alive.

(1) Named, of course, for the famous maker of coshes and knuckledusters Sir William Blunt-Instrument, who was found dead in an alley with his head smashed in...a rare coincidence, fortunately for other inventors.