Molly Petty

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Molly Petty
Name Mrs Molly Petty
Race Human
Physical appearance Mousy, pale, skinny, a look of baffled apprehension
Residence The Chalk
Children Amber Petty
Marital Status Married to Seth Petty
Books I Shall Wear Midnight

Molly Petty is the mother of Amber Petty, and wife of Seth Petty.

A mousy woman who is as skinny as a broom, Molly lives in fear of her abusive husband, who makes sure she "walked into a door" regularly. She still refuses to leave him - Tiffany Aching's father surmised that she must feel it's "better to have one husband than none". Mrs Petty is also not very house proud: The front yard a quarter acre of nettles and the house was a mess. She's also a bad cook. Tiffany scared her half to death by getting the Nac Mac Feegle to clean the whole place.

Mr Petty's work regularly leaves her home alone for long periods of time. Tiffany's mother admits she should have spent time talking to Molly, explaining that there are certain social limitations which are imposed by the act of getting married... left to her own devices, Molly tended to, *ahem*, host travellers passing through the village. The "encounters" with these pedlars and travelling salesmen left a certain amount of doubt as to the exact parentage of Amber.

On night after the Scouring Fair, her husband beat her daughter so savagely that the girl lost her baby. Amber was taken away while Mr Petty fled, leaving Molly all alone. Mr Petty returned the next night, and tried to hang himself in remorse for what he had done. Saved from death by Tiffany, his wife took him back, much to Tiffany's annoyance.

She was last seen with Amber and a bashful Mr Petty, at the new Baron's wedding.