Nigel Planer

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Nigel Planer
Name Nigel George Planer
Race Human
Age b. 22nd February 1953 CE
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Musician, Novelist, Playwright
Physical appearance Gloomy
Residence London
Death hasn't seen him yet
Parents two
Children Two
Marital Status m. Roberta Green
Books Terry Pratchett's Hogfather
Cameos Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic

Nigel George Planer is an English Actor, comedian, musician, novelist and playwright. Planer is most famous for his role as Neil the hippie in the comedy series The Young Ones, and as part of the Comic Strip ensemble of alternative comedy performers who spawned it. He is also a prolific stage and screen actor, appearing in musicals and one-man shows.

Voice Work

Planer has lent his voice to several Discworld-related projects. Most notably he narrated the first unabridged audiobook editions of the Discworld novels, from ISIS Publishing. He was the reader for the first twenty-three novels (The Colour of Magic through Carpe Jugulum), except for Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters, which were read by Celia Imrie. (The Fifth Elephant onwards were read by Stephen Briggs.)

Planer also provided voice acting for the video games Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? and Discworld Noir.

Other Contributions

He played the wizard Mr. Sideney in the television adaptation of Hogfather, and the Arch-Astronomer of Krull in The Colour of Magic.

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