Nine Day Wonderers

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A religious sect, who live a nomadic preaching existence in the Ramtops and are occasionally seen, and tolerated by the witches, in Lancre. They generally do all that is necessary by way of officiating at births, deaths and weddings in the region. Brother Perdore is, or was, a typical visiting Wonderer, until the day he fell off his donkey. As he fell on the side of the mountain track that had an eighty foot drop, this was nearly terminal, and led to the start of the chain of events that brought Mightily Oats to Lancre to officiate at the naming feast of young Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre.


A nod to the Roundworld Seventh Day Adventists, with a bow to the concept of a "nine days wonder", which can be defined as "a novelty that loses its appeal after a few days".