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Notfaroute-on-Ah (as spelt in The Compleat Discworld Atlas) is a village in Upper Uberwald in the valley of the River Ah, and may be the location of the rundown castle inherited unexpectedly by Arthur Winkling of Ankh-Morpork. Today it is the centre of a thriving outdoor sports school founded by a Black Ribbon vampire who wished to strengthen the resolve of new members by providing exciting challenges to take their mind off blood. It is possible Arthur and Doreen are involved somewhere, but a vampire called Count Anton von Freude is named as the organising genius. The outdoor pursuits centre is apparently based in a rebuilt old castle and offers white-water rafting, extreme kayacking, and feckless mountaineering, initially offered to people it is very hard to kill, but since extended to cover suitably inclined humans. Paradoxically it is possibly the safest place out with superb medical attention on call, as the course administrators are aware that even the slightest of grazes, scratches or nosebleeds on the part of a human student could have catastrophic results for any twitchy vampire nearby who is going "cold bat".