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Nuffink is another of those small villages which has the misfortune to be so close to Ankh-Morpork that it is rapidly being swallowed up by encroaching urban sprawl. To all intents and purposes it is now part of New Ankh. It has a near-neighbour, Suffink, which has met the same fate. Both appear to be served by the railway station at Sunink. The Compleat Discworld Atlas notes that these villages, now effectively outer suburbs, provide accomodation for immigrants as well as for the ever-increasing urban population.


To other linked and paired towns especially in England whose names suggest twin community status, such as Surbiton and Norbiton in Surrey - both formerly independent villages nearby to each other, but now swallowed up by the sprawling monster which is Greater London. Norfolk and Suffolk, two adjacent counties in England's East Anglia, are also invoked as is the trinity of Essex, Sussex and Wessex.