Old Cobblers

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Old Cobblers is a street in the Shades running in a rough semi-circle between Easy Street and Cable Street. Its claim to a certain sort of what could loosely be described as fame is that this is the home address and traditional nurturing ground of the wider Nobbs family. indeed, Nobby's mother, Maisie Nobbs, still lives at number 22. An interesting development - perhaps Ankh-Morpork, like London and other British cities, is undergoing a "gentrification" process where genteel people progressively colonise formerly no-go areas and bring them a few rungs up the social ladder - is the establishment of the Gordon Bonnets business at number sixteen. If, as has been hinted, the landlord owning the property (and perhaps the street) is the Duke of Ankh, then the local characters will have been warned about anti-social behaviour of any sort. Miss Fleur Bennet can therefore walk the street without fear, provided of course she is paid up with the Thieves' Guild.