Paul Perks

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Older brother of Polly Perks. Although more than a year older than Polly and physically much larger, he has acute learning difficulties and so it became a fact of life that Polly had to take care of Paul from an early age. And so when he went missing in action after being conscripted into serving in the Borogravian military, Polly joins up with the recruiting band in order to go find him and bring him back to the inn, simply because that is what she always did.

Also, due to Nugganatic Law which prohibits women from owning property he was also the legal successor to the family inn, The Duchess, which gave Polly yet another reason to look for him, as the deeds would have gone to Cousin Vlopo, a notorious drunkard, if he did not return. At the conclusion of Monstrous Regiment he is seen once more back at the inn, happily hauling around kegs of beer, and possibly in some kind of relationship with Shufti Manickle, a former squad mate of Polly in the Tenth Foot.