Pearl Islands

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The Pearl Islands is an archipelago located in the Turnwise Ocean, Rimwards of the Circle Sea. The capital of Pearl Island is Newpork. The government of the island is a theocracy, ruled by a living God who is a different religion to the rest of the people. Pastor Treddle, an Omnian priest, landed on the islands after a storm and was mistaken for a local deity by the inhabitants and after discovering the islands large supply of pearls, introduced commerce to the region.

Lektor Island, in the same archipelago, has natives that are a bit less welcoming to visitors.


The description of the Pearl Islands bears a large similarity to what is known as a cargo cult. A cargo cult is described as a religious movement in a less advanced society that worships or attribute divine aspects to more technologically advanced societies. One of the most famous cargo cults is the Prince Philip Movement in Vanuatu whose adherents believe that Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh is the legendary son of a mountain spirit from local legend.

Another parallel with the Pearl Islands can be seen in the story 'The Man Who Would Be King' by Rudyard Kipling, about a pair of British soldiers, one of which is mistaken for a divine being and attempts to create a kingdom using his newfound power and followers. This ends far worse for them then it did for Pastor Treddle.