Phedre Road

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Mentioned in Hogfather, Dratley and Sons were situated here. They built a horrible wardrobe that scared Chickenwire as a child. A replica of this wardrobe consumed Chickenwire. It is also the location of the Disguise and Joke Shop (Jingo), where Mr Spuddy Face toys and other forms of disguise are available. The road runs along the right bank of the Ankh and The Cut in central Ankh to Salis Street. In The Truth Otto Chriek is told that he can get colored glass from the dwarf run stained glass works on Phedre Road. In the computer game Discworld Noir, it is referred to as Phebre Road, but the context identifies it as the same street.

Name Origin

Phèdre is a dramatic tragedy, written by Jean Racine in 1677. It is based on the Greek myth of Phaedra and Hippolytus. It could be as simple as Phedre and Ankh-Morpork's hippos. "Feeder Road" is also the name of a real world road in Bristol, UK.