Political Expediency

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The subject on the Assassins' Guild school syllabus which is taught by Lady T'malia. It would appear to be a combination of what Roundworld leader Otto von Bismarck described as "Realpolitik: Die Kunst des Möglichen" (politics is the art of the possible) leavened with diplomatic skills (as long as you adopt the position that diplomacy is what serves, in normal times, instead of outright war between nations: Winston Churchill described diplomacy as "war by any other means"). Lady T'malia would also take the point of view that part of the art of the Assassin lies in, er, facilitating certain situations, and turning the possible into the actual. As it is rumoured that the rings on her left hand alone contain enough poison to inhume a medium-sized diplomatic corps, her pupils pay very close attention in her classes. By extention, this is not a class where the pupils care to annoy Miss.