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Probability Math also known as P-Math is the science of foretelling the future studied by P-Mathematicians in The Dark Side of the Sun. Probability Math comes from the idea that we live in a truly infinite totality, that time and space have no limits, that there are worlds without end, an area so massive that our universe is inconceivably small compared to it.

Some of the best known P-Mathematicians are of the Sabalos family.

Interestingly enough, over here we too have a section of maths concerning probability. However, it is the kind that has questions along the lines of if I had three red, two blue, and five green marbles in a bag, and I pulled one out randomly without looking, what is the probability that the sun will swing off course and crash into the Earth with the stupidity of this question? It too is used to foretell the future, but in a very minor way. The which-horse-will-win kind of way, to be exact.

Probability maths on the Discworld largely revolves around the Million-to-one chance.

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