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Queen Molly
Name Molly
Race Human
Occupation Beggar
Physical appearance warty, frizzled sticky hair, tattered velvet gown
Residence Beggars' Guild, Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status
Books Men at Arms
Cameos Feet of Clay

The current Queen of the Beggars' Guild. Wears tattered old dresses and, because of the Guild's charter, a tattered velvet gown. She has warts with their own sub-warts on them and hair that Sergeant Angua von Überwald thought of as 'looking as though it had been permed by a hurricane with treacle on its fingers.' As befitting her position, she is required to beg others for the most extravagant goods, though even with her sheer hideousness few people are prepared to hand over a sixteen-room mansion to a beggar.

Her first horribly disfigured appearance is in Men at Arms, where her personal chambermaid Lettice Knibbs is killed in a case of mistaken identity when she tries on her employer's signature velvet gown.

Despite her appearance (and smell) she is a sharp woman who knows what's going on in the street and seems to genuinely support Lord Havelock Vetinari. In Feet of Clay she disdains the attempts by the other guild leaders to relieve Vetinari of his duties when he falls ill from arsenic poisoning, and warns Sam Vimes to watch his back against any attempts to frame him for Vetinari's poisoning. During the events of The Truth she is one of the few guild leaders who votes to adjourn rather than select the new Patrician, along with Mrs. Rosemary Palm of the Seamstresses' Guild, Mrs. Manger of the Launderers' Guild, and Miss Dixie "Va Va" Voom of the Guild of Ectysiasts, Nautchers, Cancanieres and Exponents of Exotic Dance.