Ralph Gibbons

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Ralph "Grumbling" Gibbons was quite possibly Ankh-Morpork's greatest artist in wood, responsible among other things for the creation of the exquisite carved wooden doors of the Thieves' Guild headquarters on the corner of Broadway and the Street of Alchemists.

The Guild's gallows, these days more ornamental rather than functional (although unlicenced thieves are wise not to try and push their luck) is also described as a riot of rococo carving by Gibbons.

Sadly, after finishing his commission for the Guild, Gibbons, described as "not a happy man", committed quite a messy suicide using a spokeshave.


Another grimace name substitution from the RoundWorld. Grinling Gibbons(1648 - 1721) was a master carver, some say the master carver, discovered by John Evelyn. Gibbons' work can be seen at St Paul's Cathedral, Petworth House and elsewhere.