Rambut Handisides

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Rambut Handisides was a luckless History Monk who was fated to be the second senior man on duty the day the Procrastinators picked up the building of a new Glass Clock in faraway Ankh-Morpork, and went into an uncontrollable time-dump. With old Mr. Shoblang dead, and outright panic settling in to the Procrastinator Hall, it fell to Lu-Tze and Lobsang Ludd to rescue the situation and prevent another Big Crash.

While, to everyone's amazement, Lobsang rebalances time across the whole world right down to the very last second (a feat that had never been done before), and the Sweeper gives Rambut, an essentially uncomplicated man, a lesson in practical politics, namely "you can take the credit for this, as they're likely to believe you did it rather than some no-account novice, and you're welcome to the extra momos in your thugpa come dinner-time. But you owe me, friend".