Rob Anybody

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Rob Anybody
Name Rob Anybody
Race Pictsie
Occupation Big Man
Physical appearance Small, blue, with red hair. Wears a kilt.
Residence Chalk Hill, The Chalk
Death As a pictsie, he believes he's already dead, but he has not yet returned to the last world.
Relatives brothers Daft Wullie, Big Yan, Hamish, and No-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Jock-Jock. sister Fion.
Marital Status Married to Jeannie
Books appeared in all Tiffany Aching books so far.

The Big Man of the Chalk Hill Clan, Rob Anybody Feegle carries a large sword, which glows blue in the presence of lawyers. He wears an animal skull helmet, which he twiddles when he is nervous.

The toughest and bravest of all the Clan, his brothers include Daft Wullie, Big Yan, Hamish, and No-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Jock-Jock. He also has a sister, Fion. As is normal for Pictsies of the Chalk Hill Clan (except Gonnagles) he is afraid of lawyers and words in general. When he marries Jeannie, a feegle from the Long Lake Clan, however, she makes him learn to read and write. While a Pictsie tends to solve every problem by rushing in and fighting, shouting, drinking anything that looks vaguely alcoholic (turpentine/rat poison/lamp oil etc.) and stealing anything not nailed down (of course this doesn't stop them as they simply steal the nails as well), Rob is learning to use his skull for something other than nutting whatever gets in his way and is actually pretty intelligent when needed, despite the brains often being saved up for female pictsies. When trying to fight the Hiver's attempt to take over Tiffany Aching's mind, Rob, with help, manages to come up with a pretty good PLN (plan) to trap the Hiver in the one place it would be vulnerable and then fight it.

He is the unofficial guardian and protector of Tiffany Aching.


The sword that glows blue in the presence of lawyers is a direct reference to Sting, the Elven sword bequeathed to Frodo by his uncle Bilbo Baggins in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which used to glow blue in the presence of orcs.