Royal Sto Plains Riflers

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An Army regiment, loyalties unclear. Possibly raised in the Sto Plains for service in the wider Ankh-Morpork hegemony (as its commander was at one point the noted explorer Sir Roderick Purdeigh), whose father Sir Ruthven Purdeigh was also a previous commander. On the other hand, at least one of the Sto states (Sto Helit) has its own ruling royal house, and Sto Lat has its own dedicated Military Academy.

The Riflers were so called for their habit of collecting weapons, boots, gold teeth and jewellry off the stricken foe, and for the lunatic bravery they displayed in battle so as to make sure there were as many of the stricken foe as possible. So keen was the average Riflingman that many would go into battle armed only with pliers and armoured shoehorns, and would manage, in the press of battle, to acquire teeth and footwear from enemies who were not only alive but actively fighting back.

As the Regiment is heard of as being active in the middle 1800's - perhaps over a hundred years before the consensus present - it may be the case that it has since been disbanded, amalgamated or otherwise struck off the active list. Otherwise it would have been a near-perfect posting for Nobby Nobbs, but there is no record of his having served as a Riflingman.

Mrs Georgina Bradshaw references this Regiment in her indispensable guide to the Railways, suggesting that it is still a going concern, but with far less looting opportunities available to it owing to the shortage of wars these days. It is not clear how the old trade skills are practiced, but she indicates the Sto Lat Military Academy still teaches them.