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The Rutherfords are a middle-aged couple with social pretentions who are caught up in the Glorious Revolution in Night Watch. Samuel Vimes recognises that Mr Sidney Rutherford is one of those put-upon, henpecked, husbands and genuinely has no wish to heap further misfortune on his head, considering that marriage to Mrs Rutherford is misfortune enough.

A key to understanding them is that they would look upon the idea of divorce with utter horror, yet Mr Rutherford is the sort of man who would, in Vimes' professional opinion, contemplate womanslaughter on a daily basis. They totally fail to communicate with Reg Shoe, are socially insulted to be thought of as proletarian, and absolutely insist on their true social standing as members of the bourgeoisie, which they take as a compliment, much to Reg's bemusement. Alas, their commitment to the revolution lets them contribute some of their furniture for the construction of a barricade. This includes an armchair with Mrs. Rutherfords' father in it; he is very attached to it, and it's even going to be an heirloom!