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A unique canine, encountered in Carpe Jugulum, who is as happy as a dog with two.... the biggest single reason for this is that, in fact, he does have two, as his master and creator, the resident Igor at Don'tgonearthe Castle, took good care to install them.

Igor, you see, has heard all about the business of good breeding, the slow and painstaking way in which over many years of careful tending to successive generations, the desired physical and mental qualities may be strengthened and improved in a breed of dogs. But being an Igor, he has seen a quicker and less time-consuming route to introducing the correct qualities in more-or-less the correct proportions, which rather cuts out all the intervening generations: he can do it all at once, so to speak.

Scraps is a product of the new generation of Igors, of a veterinarian frame of mind, whose work may also be seen in Ankh-Morpork, especially around Hobson's Livery Stable and more unwary racecourses.

Scraps is a very happy dog who appears to have been given more than the usual number of salivary glands, as well as those two tails.