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Scum was the "drummer" of the Music With Rocks In band variously known as:

  • Insanity (e.g. Madness)
  • Suck (e.g. Kiss)
  • The Whom (a rather more grammatically correct version of The Who)
  • The Blots (e.g. The Ink Spots)
  • Lead Balloon (e.g. Led Zeppelin)
  • The Surreptitious Fabric (e.g. the Velvet Underground)
  • Ande Supporting Bandes

He was utterly at a loss for how to play the drums. However he did manage to - instead of getting leopard-skin trousers (as beloved of the 80s Hair Metal bands such as Poison and Motley Crue) - get hold of an actual leopard. Which was hard of hearing... (In other words, a Def Leppard).

He and his "band"mates come to a prominence of sorts during the events of Soul Music, where they are responsible for two riots - one at the Cavern Club and one at the free festival organised specifically to promote The Band With Rocks In.

He is one of the few humans to have encountered Death and actually offered him something. Death was off on one of his 'fancies' and was wandering about with the Canting Crew, moonlighting under the name of "Mr Scrub". Told to push off by Crash, Scum felt sorry for his being so thin and gave him 10p. This was gratefully received by Death.