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The series of seven holy books that supposedly were handed to the Prophets of Om in some form or another. However, Om himself reveals (In Small Gods) that most of those men he never spoke to and those he did speak to he in fact said something along the lines of "look what I can do!" while manifest in a pillar of fire.

With the appearance of Brutha as the eighth Prophet (and, presumably, the only one that has actually gotten any real Commandments directly from Om) it is in question whether the Septateuch is considered canonical material any more, and in fact there is reference in later books (Thief of Time, among others) that the Convocation of Ee may have decanonized large portions of the septateuch.

When Vorbis fell and Brutha became the eighth Prophet, Simony eagerly suggested that they should burn the septateuch and free up some space for a library. Brutha forbade this, and instead the septateuch now sits in the great library of Kom, alongside holy books from all major religions, each of which claiming that it was 'the only true book that anyone need read'. Didactylos said it made you laugh to see them all on the same shelf like that.


The Septateuch is an obvious parody of the Pentateuch of the Christian Bible, the first five books of the Old Testament containing the story of Creation and the Laws.