Shirl Ogg

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One of Nanny Ogg's vastly extended family (it extends, in fact, right across the Ramtops Mountains, spreading out from its epicentre in Lancre), who has earned a permanent place in Nanny's heart.

Nanny's house is full of shiny bric-a-brac in the worst possible taste, but it "proves" that she is loved by her family, as no-one who goes more than half a day's journey from Lancre would dream of coming back without a gift for her. The perceived worth of these does a great deal to help the family member prosper or retard their position as favoured. For those few whose presents are received with delight so that they are favoured, their pictures (woodcuts, paintings or - a fabulous expense! - iconographs) are placed in a more prominent position in the house.

Shirl Ogg's present of a huge, coloured bierstein that plays the main tune from the opera The Student Horse has been locked in a glass cabinet as too wonderful to be trifled with, and earned her picture a permanent place on Nanny's mantelpiece.