Sidney "Wrong Way" Roundway

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A gifted footballer for Blackbury Wanderers. What prevented him from being the David Beckham of his day wasn't so much the protruding ears and the funny haircut, as the fact he was prone to getting over-excited and losing his sense of direction.

Roundway in fact scored more goals than anyone else at the club. They were just in his own net.

He manifests as a spectre in 1920's football strip, with the addition of a helpful "L" and "R" painted on the upper surface of the appropriate boot.


In the satirical magazine Private Eye, a regular feature is Lunchtime O'Booze's World of Sport. All things to do with British professional football are satirised in the form of imaginary club Neasden, and the "match report" invariably ends up with a scoreline where legendary Neasden striker "Baldy" Pevsner manages to knock at least one through his own net. a typical result might be:-

Neasden - 0; Manchester Disunited - 3 (Victoria Beckham,2; Baldy Pevsner,1(o.g.)

There is also ex-Python Michael Palin's immortal series of period spoofs Ripping Yarns, where one episode, set in the 1930's, deals with the failing Yorkshire Premier League club Barnstoneworth F.C....