Sir Roger the Coverley

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Not actually a guest at the Masked Ball in Genua listed on Lady D'Arrangement's dance card but the name of the dance. The dancer was Colonel Moutarde, who may never have found out that his partner was actually Granny Weatherwax.


It is irresistible to mention Tim Brooke-Taylor's great comedy creation, the appalling harridan Lady Constance de Coverlet, who appeared regularly on the radio comedy show I'm sorry, I'll Read That Again[1]. She was based on a very much exaggerated version of Oscar Wilde's Lady Bracknell (The Importance of Being Earnest) for whom the young Tim had to drag up in a production at his (all-male) school. Brooke-Taylor[2] also used the voice to great effect in The Goodies, the long-running slapstick comedy show on TV.

Roger de Coverley is also the name of a folk dance.