Skillet, Wang, Yrxle!yt, Bunglestiff, Cwmlad and Patel

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Establishd: Various.


This is the name above the door of the Wandering Shop encountered by Bethan, Rincewind and Twoflower, while they are escaping from a horde of Star People in an un-named small mud-walled city.

It is staffed by a very small man almost hidden behind a green apron, who looked very upset. However, it is unclear as to whther he is Mr Skillet, Mr Wang, Mr Yrxle!yt, Mr Bunglestiff, Mr Cwmlad or Mr Patel, or indeed none of the above.

After a rapport is established, the little man in the green apron weeps a little and tells them the real reason why this particular wandering shop exists. It has a lot to do with the sign on the door for Necromancer cigarettes.


Cwmlad is a pun. It looks like a Welsh (or Llamedosian) name, but is pronounced like the Yorkshire phrase "Come, lad".

Also, "Patel" is an Indian or Bangladeshi name, typical of Asian immigrants who have taken over the small retail trade in Great Britain to such an extent that we habitually talk of going to shop for small necessary sundries as "going to the Indian/Pakistani shop". Even in the USA, Springfield's 7-11 is run by an Asian Indian (Apu). So why not give Asians a foothold in the Wandering Shop trade...