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Down among the cities of the Sto Plains, the tiny mountain country of Lancre is the popular image of a remote rural backwater. In Lancre Town, "the boondocks" means Slice, a huddle of farmhouses past Razorback and up again from Bad Ass. It lies, therefore, in Granny Weatherwax's territory. The residents of Slice and area are regarded as hillbillies even by the not-very-sophisticated populace of the central region.

Slice and environs contain two notable geographic features : the original Rock and a Hard Place and The Place Where The Sun Does Not Shine. It is also the home of the hat maker Vermissage.

Has a population of seven, according to Granny Weatherwax in Lords and Ladies, although she could be under-exaggerating for effect, in that she's decrying people who give themselves ideas above their station, calling themselves such high-falutin' names "the Great Astoundo, fresh from the Court of Klatch (and Gladys)" then play gigs in Slice, pop. 7...