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Name Sneebs
Physical appearance small man, large head; fringe of white beard, pointy ears
Residence Fairyland
Marital Status
Books The Wee Free Men

Sneebs is the name given to a small human-like creature in Fairyland by Roland. The little man is described as a hunched figure having a large head, a fringe of white beard, pointy ears, and wearing an expression of concern. His clothes are very old fashioned. When he speaks, all that comes out of his mouth is the word "Sneebs," which gives him his name. However, meaning beyond the gibberish audible word appears in the listener's head.

Sneebs, like most creatures in Fairyland, came from another world. He somehow escaped the clutches of the Queen and found his way back to his world of origin, but had found that a great deal of time had passed since his disappearance, many more years than he had experienced in Fairyland, and everything was different. Miserable in a place he used to belong, Sneebs found a doorway and returned to Fairyland. There he lives in fear, reasoning that is not too bad if one keeps out of the way of the Queen.


The Sneebs character is based on a character in Richard Dadd's painting The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke who fits the above description and sits looking cross-eyed before a miniature man preparing to crack a hazelnut with a hammer. The hazelnut is only slightly bigger than the head of the cross-eyed character.