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A student Assassin, whose attitude to religion involved stripping off, painting himself green, and demanding a volunteer to have his intestines ceremonially wound around the bole of a tree. Not surprisingly, there were few people in the dorm who were willing to take him up. He came from a small tribe in the forest somewhere.

At much this point in the term, the masters intervened and explained to their new intake that religion, while a fine thing, could sometimes be taken too far.


The unusual name Snoxall is the surname of the genie summoned by Bobby Brewster, and used as a stage effect, in "School Pantomime" (1964) by H. E. Todd.

Having stumbled (by the magic of narrativium) across a traditional magic lamp, and discovering its genie, Brewster decides to use it on stage in his school's production of Aladdin. However, the genie proves not up to the test, and freezes on stage in embarrassment:

"Who art thou?" prompted Bobby.
"Er, er, I am Wilfred Snoxall," replied the genie.

It is possible that pTerry may have read this story, and been amused by the genie's stage fright.