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The Reverend Mr Stackpole represents a fundamentalist splinter schism of the Omnian Church which is active in Ankh-Morpork. The Latter-Day Church of Om is a schismatic group from the mainstream Omnian church, composed of religious zealots who cling to the old notion that the Discworld is really a sphere, this causes problems in The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day, where he leads a movement to seek a ruling from Vetinari to force the university to cede ownership of the Roundworld to them. It says much for Stackpole's Vorbis-lite mentality that not even a direct manifestation of the god Om is sufficient to change Stackpole's view - not even after the God makes his own views perfectly clear on the matter. Stackpole takes the view that his God has evidently got it wrong and therefore cannot be trusted with matters of theology. A mind-set he shares with High Priests and those of a Grand Vizier turn of mind around the Disc who are charged with interpreting the God's revelations and defining for the Faithful what the Deity actually meant to say.