Stick and Bucket Dance

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A dance of the Lancre Morris Men, the performance of which has been banned by Jason Ogg by reason of old Mr Thrupp still walking with a limp. Dancing the Stick and Bucket Dance is illegal with women present, as it falls under the heading of sexual morrisment.

It did come in useful once, though, during the events of Lords and Ladies when Lancre was overrun with an infestation of Elves. Jason and his crew (Bestiality Carter et al) did dance the Stick and Bucket Dance but interspersed the odd do-si-do with the rather more terse command Kill! The grinning Elves that surrounded them were literally danced to death.

Not for nothing are the Lancre Morris Men six-times champions of the Fifteen Mountains All-Comers tournament, and feared round the mountains when they come...