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Summer. An elemental, engaged in an eternal dance with the Wintersmith. Neither Summer nor Winter ever entirely dies, since there are places where the frozen cold does not go, and vice versa, and each is also present in the heart of the other's domain.

The Summer Lady is another anthropomorphic personification - the opposite of the Wintersmith. She is the owner of the Cornucopia - the goat's horn of the gods that will produce food ad infinitum. She was unimpressed when Tiffany Aching took her place in the Dark Morris: the dance that is danced to change from summer to winter.

She is the shape of the smell of apples or the shimmer of heat above a desert wadi. According to the illustration by Don Weizen de Yoyo in Chaffinch's Ancient and Classical Mythology, she is tall and blonde, but he had never seen her. When Tiffany finally meets her, she resolves out of golden light into human shape like Tiffany, short, slim, brown-haired, except that she has yellow snake-like eyes (Gods cannot change the nature of their eyes), and in extremes tends to hiss. She pointedly reminded Tiffany that Summer can be every bit as deadly as Winter.

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