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A look down the list of notable historical events will find a curious lack of history in the recent past, before about 1984. There were stories in the period, but mostly Wizards' lore and tales from far off of heroes and monsters. Actual accounts of the political and practical life of Ankh-Morpork are few and scanty. Some explanations for this include the paranoid secretiveness of a succession of mad Patricians, and the fire of 1964 which disrupted life and destroyed records. These, however, fail to show why so many people who were there never seemed to mention events later, or keep diaries, or produce any great oral history. It is, then, oddly difficult to find the exact year of the Glorious Revolution of Treacle Mine Road. Even such a memorable and widespread phenomenon is recalled only by a few who were most involved, and as they progress through middle and old age, those recollections are fewer and dimmer.

There are, however, some clues. In 1967 a Patrician celebrated his 10th anniversary. Had this been Lord Winder, the Revolution would have been 1968 (his term was eleven years.) That means Samuel Vimes b. 1952, aged 33 in 1985 for the Great Dragon Scare: too young. If Lord Snapcase had the anniversary, the barricades rose in 1957. Now S. Vimes b. 1941, aged 44 in 1985. This fits the description and calls for a jump of 32 years from Sir Sam in 1989 to Sam the recruit in 1957. See DW Timeline Thoughts: The Vetinari Question. --Old Dickens 16:23, 3 October 2006 (CEST)