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I have wondered about "Cumbling" as Michael's epithet. I have just found an entry for "cumbling" ini the Middle English Compendium of the University of Michigan: That reference lists <cǒmeling n. Also comling, cum(e)ling, cumbling & (early) kimeling, kemeling.> from <OE *cymeling, with early substitution of the vowel of cǒmen v.> It can be used as <One who is not a native or a citizen: foreigner, intruder, newcomer; stranger, traveler; a homeless person; -- also used attributively; (b) an adopted child, an orphan.>, all of which are plausible meanings for his epithet.

Any comments from wiser souls than I? May I add this as a postscript to the entry for Cumbling Michael?

As an annotation, of course. I hate them in general, but this would be better than most. Only the comeling version makes it to the OED. --Old Dickens (talk) 20:09, 17 April 2020 (UTC)