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Ah, yes; as Nanny Ogg says, it doesn't matter much what you put in it as long as you call it Slumpie. Nanny's own recipe is very like Scottish Slumpie: a thin stew of ground meat with spinach and dark ale, thickened with roux. This might be poured over Clootie Dumplings or covered wi' mashed tatties. Nanny mentions, though, that typical Sto Plains Slumpie (sometimes listed on the menu as "All There Is") is a mash-up of various root vegetables and whatever else is to hand, preferably served with a knob of butter, when available. Those who can afford a bit of meat will eat Slumpie as a starch as well. Fred Colon worked All Jolson for a lunch of Smitten Steak with cream sauce and buttered Slumpie in The Fifth Elephant. --Old Dickens 01:04, 14 January 2009 (UTC)