Tanty Bugle

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A regular periodical, possibly from the same stable as What Gallows.

A very popular publication disseminated throughout the cities of the Plains, reporting on murders (preferably 'orrible ones), trials, prison escapes, and that part of the world which is to be found surrounded by a chalk outline. Moist von Lipwig was disgusted to discover that the execution of Albert Spangler only merited two paragraphs.

Just as magazines of the Warrior of Fortune persuasion are likely to be read by people leading humdrum and otherwise incident-free lives, or else by Nobby Nobbs, the readership of the Bugle is very likely to be drawn from people leading quiet well-ordered lives which are incident-free to the point of catatonia. A typical covert reader is Miss Drapes, a senior clerk at the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork.