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Terry Pratchett Day is a day marked by the Pratchett Estate on Terry Pratchett's birthday, the 28th of April.

Terry Pratchett Day seems to have been first proposed as an “official” celebration on Terry’s birthday by Terry’s publishers, perhaps as far back as 2017, though most consistently since 2021. General suggestions proposed were to make and drink a banana daiquiri (Terry’s favourite drink) in his honour, or donate to his preferred charities for Alzheimer’s research or Orangutan preservation.

Fans had also used the term “Terry Pratchett Day”, but not always on his birthday: some marked it on the anniversary of his death on 12th March, or even on the Glorious 25th of May.


2024: Start in the Wrong Place

Following the unveiling of a "40 Years of Discworld" logo and announcement of a "Year of Discworld" celebrations, a theme for 2024 was announced on April 22nd: "Start in the Wrong Place". This was described as a recognition that "there's no right or wrong place to start with Terry Pratchett’s work", and a celebration of "the joy and chaos to be found in these many routes through Discworld and beyond." (terrypratchett.com)

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