The Famous Gaspode

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Not to be confused with the famous mongrel, Gaspode, who is merely named after the famous Gaspode.

This amazing dog was first referenced enigmatically when Gaspode introduced himself in Moving Pictures. Eventually, after some time, the mongrel and self-proclaimed wonder dog related the history of his namesake.

Years ago, an unnamed old man died in Ankh. A certain dog had been his only companion. When his master was buried, Gaspode lay down on the grave and howled for weeks. He also stood guard over his master all that time, impressing and terrifying the populace. He eventually died. Everyone who hears the tale says it demonstrates a dog's innocent and undying love for his master. However, the modern-day Gaspode firmly refuses to believe such things, and claims that his namesake had gotten his tail trapped under the gravestone.


The Famous Gaspode is an obvious relative to the Roundworld dogs Greyfriars Bobby and Hachiko, dogs who also showed exceptional loyalty after the death of their masters.