The Floral Clock

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Quirm has a large floral clock as one of its main tourist attractions. Some visitors may say that it is dull and boring, but that is the whole point. Many of the citizens of Quirm once lived in more 'interesting' cities filled with exciting events such as coups, wars, assassinations, dragons, mage wars and attacks by horrors from before the dawn of time etc. Consequently they have sworn great oaths that 'it won't happen here', and strive to keep the city as calm and dull as possible.

In Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook, Mrs Bradshaw discovered the Quirmian Horticultural Research Station is now well on the way to developing a floral alarm clock. This apparently depends on specialised functions of flowers of the Campanula genus, but she does not elaborate. The key to a floral alarm clock may perhaps be deduced here.