The Great Bazonko

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A clown who has now been performing in Ankh-Morpork for a little over four hundred years. This has been made possible by that peculiar mind-set among clowns which recognises only the face which is registered and meticulously preserved on the outside of a blown eggshell in the Hall of Faces. A clown is the face; the face is the clown. Thus, a variation on a theme of The King is dead - long live the King! applies here. An individual clown might be inconvenienced by Death, the Ringmaster who closes everybody's show in the end: but the Face lives on, willed to a son or to a student Clown of promise. Which is exactly as it should be. It's almost the exact parallel of reincarnation: the Abbot of the History Monks might see a succession of physical bodies wear out and die, necessitating his spiritual essence having to request that Death gives him a lift as far as the nearest newly-pregnant woman, before some other soul beats him to it. Similarly, the physical body of a Clown can be likened to the vessel for a Face to reincarnate.

If Kingeons and Queons are said to be the fastest-moving fundamental particles in Discworld physics, having to shift virtually instantaneously from the deceased monarch to the heir at the moment of death, then there must be a particle called a Clownon, or perhaps more fittingly a Bozon, that can offer them something of a race...