The Lady's Home Companion

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Towards the end of The Truth, William de Worde and Sacharissa Cripslock are discussing profitable spin-offs from newspaper publishing and Sacharissa suggests a magazine of interest to Ladies, which she tentatively gives the title of The Ladies' Home Companion.

By the time of Making Money, there is no evidence that such a magazine has hit the streets, but Gladys the feminized golem is an avid reader of something called The Ladies' Own Magazine, a genteel and mannered publication which among other things advocates back and neck rubs to relieve stress and tension caused by the hurly-burly of modern life.

It is possible that this is the final form of the magazine envisaged by Sacharissa.


The Woman's Home Companion was a well-known Roundworld publication in N. America from 1887 to 1956. It began life as the Ladies' Home Companion a year earlier.

The Ladies' Own Magazine falls possibly somewhere between Roundworld's Women's Own (the name), Hello and the genteel ladies' magazines of the 50s and 60s?