The Soake

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Mentioned in Hogfather, this street is home to the Laughing Falafel, Klatchistan Take-Away and All Nite Grocery where it intersects Dimwell. Nuhakme Icta aka "Little Jewel" lives in the basement of this store. The Klatchian Vapour, Steam and Douche Rooms are also located here.

Possibly named after the Soak in Klatch.


In North Africa (Klatch), the area of the city set aside for trading, dealing, bartering and buying and selling is universally called the Souk.

We know from experience on Roundworld that immigrant communities generally cluster together in one or more contiguous areas of a city - thus Wilmslow Road in Rusholme, as far east as Levenshulme, is the accepted heartland of the Bangladeshi/Pakistani/Somali community in Manchester. Could it therefore be the case that Ankh-Morpork's "Soake" is named after a local mis-hearing of "Souk" - the nucleus of its Klatchian immigrant community?

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