Three-quarters of a teddy bear

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Three-quarters of a teddy bear is mentioned two times in the Discworld universe and seems to be a possible link between Tiffany Aching and Maurice

First, in The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents: Once, when he was no more than a kitten, he'd been taken home by a small girl who'd dressed him up in doll's clothes and sat him at a small table with a couple of dolls and three-quarters of a teddy bear.

And secondly in The Wee Free Men: Last time Tiffany had tried to arrange a party, the guests had been a rag doll with no head, two wooden soldiers, and three quarters of a small teddy bear

And, a three-limbed teddy bear is famed in the history of the Assassins' Guild.

The NEW Discworld Companion: One exhibit which usually exercises the minds of boys for many a long night is the one-armed teddy bear (Mr Wuggle) used by Croydon Minimus to inhume the Baron von Wendeltreppe-Stecken- pferd in 1687.