Tom Wrangle

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Captain Tom Wrangle appears in Night Watch as the second-in-command to Major Clive Mountjoy-Standfast, and is another of those rare officers who seem to have a functioning brain capable of making sense of a confusing situation. He belongs to Lord Selachii's Light Infantry. Like Mountjoy-Standfast, he is concerned about the attrition involved in fighting in a city and has lost eighty men: twenty dead or injured, and sixty who have refused to fight their own families and deserted. He was at school with Mountjoy-Standfast, and is fully aware the major suspects he is by far the cleverer of the two. He is also aware that their respective commanding officers cannot stand each other and the ongoing feud between the Selachiis and the Venturis means they are utterly incapable of working together in any meaningful way. Which only leaves him and Clive...